DENIM iPad Case

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【クラッチバッグ風 Denim iPad Case】


こちらはPARTY BAG CHAIRにデニムを使用したことをきっかけに







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Denim iPad Case – Clutch bag style –

100% Attention Grabbing!

This is the limited item that was derived from Party Bag Chair using denim fabric.

Okamoto Denim is used for outer material, and leather lavishly for interior side – an authenticity-oriented item.

We have received many comments from our customers that “it’s exciting to carry it and it raises my spirits♫”

It’s recommended for those who don’t want to carry the same thing as others, wish to make a statement, value rarity and have strong preferences.

It’s so stylish wherever you are – at a cafe, business scene, or while walking your dog☆☆☆

 *The matching glove holder is sold separately.